Earlier today I posted a picture on Instagram under the hashtag #texturetuesday. As I started to think about this hashtag I very quickly realised that there are so many people out there who don’t use the right textured skincare products for their skins need.

It not just about a pretty picture but texture of what you use says a lot about you and your skin type. We all moisture, exfoliate and mask for all kinds for reasons but ultimately it’s about getting our skin to look and feel it’s very best but do you know which texture or formula works for you?
In the world of skincare one thing is for sure that all our wants and needs are very different. What suits me may not suit you and vice versa. We all have different skin types and that is what usually determines what texture and formulation we use on our skin.

Listed below are the different formulations/textures that are available and which suits, which skin type. Its essential that if you want your skin to look and feel its best you have to make sure you are using the right product for it. The performance of the product is crucial to you knowing what skin type you have. Many of us still struggle with finding the right products and that's also more so during the change of seasons too. We continually have to adapt our skincare regime to the demands of the environment we are in but fundamentally your skin type will not change completely.


In todays skincare range there is a huge plethora of choice and we are constantly bombarded with new innovative discoveries promising us miracles but all of this is useless unless you understand what works for you. We can grab and use as many things as we want but I know from many personal and expensive mistakes that not understanding textures and formulations can be very painful.

Creams - More suited to drier, dehydrated more hyper pigmented skin. It’s a heavy formulation which is made of large molecules that act as a barrier from external elements. They usually consist of 50% oils and 50% water, which is why they are not really suited to oily/combination skin types. Creams are great for aging or sun damaged skin. They comfort and sooth whilst the skin repairs it’s self. Creams can be difficult on combination skin type as they form a barrier of oil which can sometimes provoke reactions and cause breakouts due to the pores getting blocked with sebum.

Lotions - More suited to normal combination/oily skin. A lotion is a fluid made up of less oil base and more water, sometimes containing no oils at all which allows it to absorb more quickly into the skin. A lotion also has smaller molecules which allows for better penetration. It helps to plump dehydrated skin swiftly and ideal for acne prone skin types. Lotions can also work well on dry, dehydrated skin as it is quick to absorbe thus benefitting the skin to look plump and supple. Most after sun care are in lotion form as they work quickly due to thie smaller molecules unlike creams.

Gels - More suited for combination, troubled oily, even sensitive skin types. The formulation of a gel is more water with some oil. It can look a little like jelly and come in many different colours. The only thing to look out for in the gels is that sometimes they can contain alcohol which can be very drying in itself.

Gels have an amazing penetration power as it’s mainly water. It will immediately sink into the skin to hydrated without leaving an oily feel. Gels can be refrigerated to sooth and calm inflamed skin. Reactive skin perform well with gels as they instantly melt into the skin, allowing the high level of water/hydration to bring comfort. Some of my favourite moisturisers are gel formulations but as I’ve mentioned already it is definitely a good idea to make sure that there is no alcohol unless you have extremely oily skin which would benefit from having some of the oil stripped but I’m a firm believer that my skincare really shouldn't contain any alcohol at all.

Serums - My absolute favourite type of skincare! because serums to me are magic and I will explain why!
Serums are generally water based, eliminating oils and contain concentrated and potent doses of ingredients such as Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Peptides, Stem Cells, Growth Factors and a host of anti-oxidants for anti-aging purposes. With the smallest molecules containing the most concentrated levels of ingredients Serums work harder than any other emollients being lightweight and easily penetrable. Serums are always applied before all other skincare. It comes straight after all your cleansing steps. Allowing a serum to sink into your skin is a must as you want all the potent elements of the formula to get working. Most people will follow a serum with a moisturiser suited to their skin type.
You can choose a serum for your particular type of skin/need and as they are water based, they are suitable for all skin types from the driest to the oiliest and all will benefit from my experience by implementing it into their beauty regime.

NEWBIE! Water Creams - Another hybrid of a water based moisturiser. Most will give you high level of hydration in a gel/cream formulation with many using Hyaluronic acid as the key ingredient leaving the skin to stay hydrated whilst looking plump and supple. There are many with different host of active ingredients to benefit and treat skin issues such as hyper pigmentation, rosacea etc. Water Creams to me asre still very new and I have only just introduced it to my skincare. I do feel that if you have oily/combination skin like myself it can be quite heavy and maybe more suited for dry/dehydrated skin.

Oils - Have found a place in most peoples skincare routine and from my experience as its the largest molecule in the skincare range it can be beneficial for dry skin types unless you specifically look for a blend which is targeted at oily/combination skin. Most people I know use oil as a cleanser and some use it as a final step in their moisturising routine. Its important to remember that the oil molecule will not allow a water based molecule to penetrate hence why the oil should always be the final step. Some of my most enjoyable and comforting skincare products are oils and even as a oil/combination skin type I don’t see myself ever removing them from my routine.

I hope you have enjoyed my post and its helpful if you’ve struggled with knowing what would suit your skin. please do leave any feedback that you may have. I’m always up for some new idea’s or even criticism.

Here’s to a fabulous Christmas break and a Happy New year if I don’t manage to get another blog post before the.

Love and Joy

Easmin xx